Monday, August 31, 2009

Rain + Mud + EWF and Chicago = GOOD TIMES!

Friday night Ron and I braved the weather and went to the Arts Center to see Earth, Wind, and Fire and Chicago. Although the lawn had become a mud pit and there about 25 people on it....we had so much fun. Then it started raining. We busted out the ponchos and kept singing and dancing. The show was so much fun and we are so glad we didn't skip it over a little bit of rain. Here's a couple of of my feet planted in the mud (they really were stuck in there) and one of the 2 of us...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

SOme more pics from the day...


Well, with only a few weeks left of summer, we FINALLY made it to the beach yesterday. Brittany was able to come with us so Ally had someone to hang out with. So we headed to Bradley Beach to avoid the whole boardwalk games and rides meltdowns.
Patrick had fun. He LOVED the sand! So much so, that he ate it most of the day. (Big change from last year when he didn't want it on him at all) He was afraid of the water at first, but he got over that fast and loved being in the ocean with Daddy. (Yes, I actually went all the way in, too) Ally and Brit had a great time. They spent most of the day in the water...and then built sandcastles. It was perfect weather and the water was warm. Couldn't have had it any better.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peggy's Birthday Dinner

Today we heading to Grandma and Pop's to celebrate Peggy's birthday with an early dinner. We had a good time hanging out, and Patrick put on a good show as always.