Monday, April 12, 2010

50th Anniversary Blessing

Sunday we went to the Cathedral in Trenton for my parent's 50th Annviersary vow renewal and blessing by the Bishop. (Well, Ron and Patrick skipped the mass that was 2 hours long but met us for dinner afterwards)
I couldn't get over that there were 150 couples there celebrating 25 years or more of marriage. It was so cute to watch some of these 90 year old couples renewing their vows. Watching their was like they were doing it for the first time. So, so sweet. We couldn't actually see my parents during the renewal part, but I'm sure they were just as cute.
Although their actual anniversary isn't until June, we had celebration #1 with dinner at a really nice restaurant by our house yesterday. Celebration #2 will be the actual anniversary, followed by celebration #3 which is the family cruise to Bermuda. I mock all of the celebrations, but I suppose it is well deserved. 50 years is a looong time! (Especially with my Dad) I am proud to say my parents are still happily married. There aren't many left like that nowadays. Below is the "Then and Now" shots of my parents. (Is it me, or has my Mom shrunk like a foot since 1960?)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010