Monday, March 7, 2011

Parade Day!!

Yesterday was the Belmar St. Patrick's Parade. And since I am a sucker for tradition, (well that, and b/c St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday) we went.

We knew there was a 80-90% chance of rain, so we packed up the ponchos, tarp, and umbrellas and hit the road. It was pouring on the way there, but the rain stopped just in time. Granted, it was windy and cold, but we're troopers. Towards the end, Patrick had enough and sat in the truck with Ron so he could watch a movie while Ally and I stuck it out. (She was really ready to pack it up, too, but she humored her mother) Then the rain came. And since it was pouring, we hit the road.
But we got most of the parade in, and that's what counts.