Sunday, May 31, 2009

Circus pics

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

Today we had a great time at the circus with Grandma Hing. We went to Ringling Brothers in Trenton.
We had fun at the pre-show where we got to try on costumes (the best pictures of the day, I have to say), meet clowns, and see some animals perform right in front of us. Who knew an elephant could paint a picture?!?!
The kids really enjoyed it. Patrick had his first taste of cotton candy, which seemed to freak him out a little. (since he hates to have things stuck to his hands) But he loved seeing the animals. Ally enjoyed her million dollar souvenier glass and popcorn. And of course, she loved the animals as well.
But I just have to ask...when did it become acceptable to charge $12 for cotton candy?????

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The All New Paci-Spoon!

Patrick loves his pizza...but hand him his pacifier while he's eating it and you get the paci-spoon! He was dipping the pacifier in the sauce and then eating from it like it was his spoon. He's so inventive! By the time I grabbed the camera he was pretty much just playing with it, but it was still hysterical.

Spinkler Fun

We got a new sprinkler yesterday....this is a very quick video of how we got Patrick to run through it. His laugh just cracks us up everytime.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Popcorn Zoo and the Boardwalk with the Brown Family!

We had a great day Saturday with our dear friends, Marissa, Craig, Nicholas, and Noah. We met at the Popcorn Zoo in Forked River and the kids had such a good time feeding the animals. Then we decided to head to Seaside for some Boardwalk fun! Although it was beautiful while we were at the zoo, it dropped about 30 degrees at the shore. But with coats zippered, we had a great time there as well! Allyson is a master crane game operator. (a gift passed down from Pop Pop) Here are some pics from our day o' fun:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Extravaganza!

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms that read the blog. Hope you had a wonderful day. Mother's Day is an important day. All Mom's deserve to have a day dedicated to them.
Even though you can not truly take the day off....Moms are never fully off should be able to relax a bit more, get some extra love, and put your feet up.

It was a busy, but enjoyable weekend. Starting off Saturday with a haircut for Patrick and then our Mother's Day dinner with Grandma Hing. We had a nice dinner at the Ye Cottage Inn and then tried to feed the ducks but ended up just feeding all of the seagulls instead.

Today we headed to Kathy's for Mother's Day/Birthday Mania! Celebrating birthday's today: Pop Pop (the big 7-0), Kevin, Samantha, Grandma Joan, and Jack. Somewhere in there we were also celebrating the day for Mom's. It was a great day...nice to have the family together. The kids had a great time playing, and the adults had a great time relaxing together.

Patrick and Grandma

Grandma, Ally, Ron, and Patrick

Mom and her babies

Present-opening madness!!

Patrick and Pop Pop

Allyson and Hailey

Uncle Tommy let Patrick go to town on one of the cakes

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Busy, busy Saturday....

Well Saturday was an extremely busy day. Started off with the Revlon Run/Walk for Women in NY. Melissa and I did really well. 40,000 people attended this year and it was very inspiring. We finished and were heading back before a lot of people had even crossed the finished line. (pictures from the walk will be on soon; I've haven't downloaded them yet)

While I was walking....Ron was dropping the kids off at Grandma's house so that we could head to Philly to see The Dead. It was my first show...Ron's 800th or so (hahaha). It was amazing. I can see why people follow them across the country.

We were quite thankful that Sunday was a rainy day and soccer was cancelled because needless to say, we were exhausted. So it was a nice quiet day at home. And a much needed break since the start of May Madness has now begun!