Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well I think the kids enjoyed Easter. Patrick was so excited that the Easter Bunny left a trail of Easter eggs in his room, and when he saw his basket, he was thrilled...for a moment. Then he realized that the damn bunny got it wrong. He asked for 2 good guys and 3 bad guys (action figures)...what he got was 3 good guys and 2 bad guys. You'd think the Easter Bunny left him an apple and called it a day. But since he got money in his Easter cards, we told him he could buy it for himself. So we had to take him to the store last night to get his 3rd bad guy.
Allyson got everything she had asked for...and then some. So at least she was pleased.
After a jellybean and Hershey Kiss breakfast, we went to Grandma Joan and Popeye's for lunch. Patrick did a great job on the Easter Egg hunt with Kathy's kids. Although all of the chocolate was melted since it was so hot out.
We were home early enough to relax, which is nice.

Ally and I are ready for our Revlon Walk for Women's Cancer in NY on Saturday. It's looking like the weather will be perfect. (hoping that doesn't change)

Then it's back into the city with Patrick on Sunday to see Max and Ruby Live.

And then it's time to gear up for the busiest month of the year for us: MAY! Ugh....it's exhausting to even think about.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Bunny

Patrick finally got to meet the Easter Bunny on Sunday at the mall. He's been waiting to tell him everything he wants for Easter (since clearly he thinks the Easter Bunny is like Santa). While every kid in front of us was scared and/or crying, Patrick ran right up to him...threw his arms around him...and hopped up on his lap. He smiled so nicely for the picture and then proceeded to give him his list of demands. And just for the record, Allyson was there and wanted no part of the Easter Bunny's lap. Ahhh....gotta love 13 year old girls.
We seem to have convinced Patrick that the Easter Bunny does not bring as much as Santa, and he should only expect a couple of things in his basket. We'll see how that plays out Easter morning.