Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Friday night was a big night out for all the Hing's. Allyson and I had tickets to see Taylor Swift in Philly while Ron and Patrick had tickets for Elmo Live in Trenton. Although we wanted to join them for Elmo, I accidentally bought tickets for both things; not realizing they were on the same night. (That's what happens when I'm buying tickets to 20 different events within a couple of weeks)
So Ron brought his friend Brian and Patrick's girlfriend, Chloe.
Allyson had a BLAST! I've never seen her scream and sing so much in her life! It certainly made it all worth while. I somewhat enjoyed it. Other then a million screaming pre-teen girls (and some screaming adult men), she did put on a great show.
While my knees were shaking from being so high up at the Wachovia Center, Ron and Patrick were sitting pretty in their front row seats.
Patrick LOVED Elmo! Most of the characters came out on the floor right in front of them, so he was so excited. Brian bought a huge Elmo balloon and Daddy got him a pretzel. (as per Patrick's report)
I love that he is so good at shows. Ron and I absolutely love going to concerts, so to have the kids enjoy it just as much, is great. I want them to grow up with all of those memories. Now if we could get it to where we all like the same music, we'll be set. (Although I am trying to get Patrick on video as he walks around the house singing Grateful Dead songs. It's hysterical!)

(Pics to Follow....I'm behind with my uploading)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Joan...on the catwalk?

Sunday was "Ladies Day." Allyson and I picked up Grandma Joan and met Peggy, Kathy, and Emily at Nordstrom for Makeover Madness 2010! My Mother got a Clinique makeover!! For those of you who don't know, my Mom does NOT do makeup. She has the same lipstick from like 1980 and that completes her beauty routine. I'm sorry...that's her "special occasion" beauty routine. On a daily basis, there is no routine.
Joan was a good sport. That Clinique girl (Felicia) layered her with cleaning products, creams, name it! Then came the makeup. Felicia was great, though. She wasn't pushy and she listened to my mom. There's no way on Earth this woman is wearing eye liner, mascara, or lip liner. So she just skipped that. But she allowed her to put eye shadow on (which was HUGE!)
At the end of the day my mom looked great. 10 years younger! I hope she sticks with the new beauty regimine!
After makeup all the girls went to the Nordstrom Cafe for a lovely lunch. It's not very often that the Hart women get together. (Actually, we never get together without there being a holiday or birthday) So it was so nice to spend some time together without having to cook, clean up, or chase children around. I say we play dress up with Joan once a month! Won't she just love that!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Love o' the Irish

Sunday was one of my favorite days of the year! The Belmar St. Patrick's Day Parade! Every year...rain or shine...we are there. And boy did we get a break this was beautiful out!!!! We arrived around 10:30am to get our spot, adnt hankfully got exactly where we wanted to be. By the time the parade got down by us (around 1) the crowds were packed in behind us. We brought Jerry to his first parade and first time in public. He did great! He was very excited when we first arrived, but by the 100th person stopping to pet him, he had calmed down a lot. But we did discover that he HATES drums. He would just go crazy when the drums went by. But he met a lot of other dogs, and did so well. We were so proud of him. Ally and Pat had a good time as well. Patrick had his friend, Chloe, there with him, so that was helpful. Then he enjoyed entertaining the corwd by standing a few feet out into the street and dancing as the bands went by. (Allyson was little more low-key...since she spent a lot of her time texting. Gotta love pre-teen girls)
Some pics are below from our awesome day! And now the countdown begins until next year's!